Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principals (MCAAP)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Whom does MCAAP represent?
A. MCAAP represents more than 750 administrators and supervisors including principals, assistant principals, assistant school administrators, coordinators, directors, instructional supervisors and business and operations supervisors.
Q. When was MCAAP formed?
A. MCAAP was formed in 1981 when the administrative and supervisory staff was removed from MCEA, the teachers bargaining unit. Our organization is authorized by statute, the Board of Education and membership action. From 1981 until 1990, MCAAP was solely a volunteer organization. Beginning in 1990 we became a professional organization with an office and part-time staff. Since then we have grown in size and membership.

Q. What are the goals of MCAAP?
A. The goal of MCAAP is to provide support to administrators as they work toward the system goal of success for every student. This support takes many forms including:
  1. Assisting administrators in becoming more effective in their roles as educational leaders;
  2. Supporting professional development for new and experienced administrators;
  3. Providing leadership in advancing sound administrative practices throughout the school system;
  4. Addressing interests of administrators through political action;
  5. Participating collaboratively with the superintendent and board of education in reaching system goals;
  6. Representing members on issues and concerns in relation to their professional role;
  7. Serving as the exclusive collective bargaining representative for all administrators in MCPS.
Q. What is the structure of MCAAP?
A. See our organizational chart for details.