Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principals (MCAAP)

Benefits and How to Join

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Membership Application

As a MCAAP member you will be eligible for:

Representation, Advice and Assistance
Members are provided professional and legal advice regarding contract provisions and issues affecting employment and working conditions under the MCAAP/MCBOA contract.

Voice and Vote
Through meetings with the Board of Education, Superintendent, and the county and state leaders; the concerns of the members will be heard and considered. Only dues paying members can vote on the negotiated agreements and other MCAAP business.

Professional Travel Funds
This benefit has been reinstated per the Negotiated Agreement between MCAAP/MCBOA and the Board of Education, wherein the Board agreed that unit members may attend or make presentations to conferences and/or programs. Up to 20% of the travel funds can be used for MCPS-related conferences such as the MCAAP Summer Leadership Conference. MCAAP determines who is eligible and how much each member receives.

Chapter Membership
Unit members will join and be represented by one of the five chapters within MCAAP: Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Central Services, and Business and Operations Administrators. Chapter membership is based on the position held in MCPS.

Sick Leave Bank and Extra Insurance
Grants are administered by MCAAP to provide leave to cover extended serious illnesses beyond the individual members accumulated sick leave. In addition, members may choose to purchase disability insurance via payroll deduction as well as extra life insurance equal to one times their salary.

Fringe Benefits
Tuition reimbursement, mileage, business expenses, and paid leave are just a few benefits under the negotiated agreements.

Salary Enhancements
Additional salary supplements have been added to acknowledge longevity in MCPS administration. In addition, there is additional compensation for doctorates, additional responsibilities such as high school special programs, single school administrators, and Title 1 to name a few. Specific stipends have also been negotiated.

Communications & Publications
Members receive regular updates and advisories. Members are kept informed through email messages and membership meetings.

Conferences, Seminars & Forums
MCAAP hosts a summer conference, a fall open house, timely seminars, and forums for members on professional and personal planning topics. MCAAP also hosts 11 Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for our job-alike groups in the MCAAP offices.

Political Action
MCAAP is actively involved in the political process including endorsement of candidates for public office as well as outreach to elected officials on relevant and educational issues.

Social Gatherings & Recognition Programs
MCAAP provides social networking opportunities for members such as the annual spring barbecue and a new fall social activity. In addition, MCAAP has several opportunities to recognize and/or showcase outstanding achievement by its members..

Multiple Memberships
Members may join MCAAP or other related professional associations. Dues or fees can be paid through payroll deduction or directly by personal check payable to MCAAP. Read about membership dues and associations.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out a membership application and return it to MCAAP.